My Reason to be...

I am my own Boss

It's Time to Become Your Own Boss

My name is Sofia, and I am a 9 to 5 Transition Life Coach & Group Program Trainer

I’m leveraging my time, so that I can have the freedom to work from wherever I want and whenever I want.

But, I didn’t start out here…

I always dreamt about having my own business ever since I was a teenager but once I found myself in the Corporate wheel and earning a good income – I started to enjoy the material things.
I experienced the freedom that came with being able to buy what I wanted…
BUT something was always missing, I hated the way corporate treated people – we were just numbers…I loved my colleagues and it broke my heart when people were getting laid off around me. These people had young families!!! The corporate didn’t seem to care about one bit!!
When I saw these things. the more I knew I wanted to experience more control over my destiny and my desire to own my own business grew year on year.

My Certificates

Certified Life Coach by Mindvalley
Positive Intelligence

Yet, I was afraid.

I was afraid to lose my stable income, my relationships with people, status, position.
I was thinking about what my father will think of me.
I thought my friends would think that I’m a loser because I don’t have a job.
But one day I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was literally thinking that I would lose my mind…and then the day came. My boss (a young snip of a lad) dared to confront me – he was young enough to be my son (now I have nothing against age) but literally he was telling me off for something ridiculous and I imploded!!
I stormed to my desk – penned my resignation letter and walked out.
However, I wish I could tell you that I quickly set my 6 figures business up, moved to Hawaii and that I’m running my business by the pool!


that didn’t happen.

When I started my business I struggled. Even though I did the work, I took the courses and I learned like crazy, nothing seemed to work as I wanted and it was scary. I wasn’t making any money, I wasn’t having any fun, I wasn’t even spending time with my family and I was burning out spinning my wheels 24/7.

I was seriously stressed out!!

It took my coach to help me see that I was seeking answers in all the wrong places. I had a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience within and yet, I wasn’t delivering it in a way that gave me the freedom of time and attracted the right clients.
Once I implemented the system that I am sharing with you – everything changed.
And this is why I am so passionate about helping other coaches do the same – not only will you reach more clients (and change more lives) but you will experience the freedom to truly live your legacy.

And that’s what I want for you.

I want you to build your business faster and become your own boss without stress.

I want you to feel confident and powerful as a coach and entrepreneur, who is proud and happy about your business.

Well, you can always do it on your own and get results in three or five years. You can move on in the darkness without the lantern, wondering who to listen to and what to do. It’s up to you. Do you desire to become your own boss, build a successful online business faster? I know you do! That is why I’m here for you.

The point is I’m just like you. I know the passion and I know the desire and I also have lived the frustration and yet…
I’ve built my own business online and now I’m building the house of my dreams, living in the sun and spending more time doing the things I love with my family.

And NOW I’m ready to share my knowledge with you so that you can build and run your own business without stress and proudly.

I help Coaches fire their boss and build the freedom lifestyle that they 





Be able to shape your business on your own terms and courageously make an impact in many.


Express your ideas freely and trust your actions.


In your tone of voice, in your content message to move
masses into action and passionately express yourself

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