3 Mindset Shifts to Shed Past Baggage

3 Mindset Shifts to Shed Past Baggage

Posted On December 12, 2023

Revolutionize Your Perspective: Embrace 3 Powerful Mindset Shifts to Leave Past Baggage Behind and Transform Your Life

Let me take you on a vivid journey, a journey through your favourite airport where anticipation and excitement fill the air. Picture yourself on the brink of venturing towards that dream destination you’ve held close to your heart. As you tread down the airport corridor, a sign beckons you: “Leave your luggage behind.” The intercom crackles to life, echoing a simple yet profound message, “We don’t want your emotional baggage here.” This metaphor becomes the gateway to shedding the weight of the past, an exploration deeply rooted in personal experiences and invaluable lessons.

Leaving the Past Behind

The echoes of the past reverberate in our personal stories. For me, this resonance is found in the recollection of a pivotal moment at the age of 28. Lisbon Airport served as the stage for my departure to the UK, laden not only with fashion luggage but also the emotional baggage of farewelling family, friends, and the familiar. This departure wasn’t just a physical relocation; it marked a conscious decision to leave the past behind and step into the unknown, unlocking doors to unexplored opportunities.

Mindset Shift #1: Your Past is a Story

In the first paradigm shift, the narrative of one’s past is redefined as a story—a collection of events that happened for personal growth, not as a series of unfortunate incidents. Sharing the liberating atmosphere of the airport, I highlighted the significance of viewing life events as stepping stones towards personal development. Leaving one’s home country can be an act of breaking free from societal norms, shedding the limitations imposed by external influences, and forging a path towards self-discovery.

Mindset Shift #2: Embracing the Present Moment

The second paradigm shift delves into the art of embracing the present moment. A personal anecdote unfolded, recounting a transformative experience following a car accident. This life-altering incident forced a deceleration, an opportunity to reevaluate life’s offerings. Meditation and introspection emerged as allies during this period, leading to the discovery of the sage within—a guiding force that speaks truths and illuminates the path ahead. A sensory meditation exercise was introduced, inviting readers to connect with the present moment, and fostering a deeper understanding of their inner selves.

Mindset Shift #3: Manifesting Your Dreams

The third mindset shift exposes the transformative power inherent in manifesting dreams. Narrating the tale of constructing my dream home in Portugal, emphasis was placed on the significance of authentic visualization. From a childhood dream of a perfect home to a tangible reality at the age of 51, the journey demonstrated the profound impact of believing in and actively working towards one’s dreams. The narrative urged readers to consider the influence of visualization, positive imaging, self-reflection, and the manifestation of desires in shaping their realities.

A Heartfelt Appreciation and a Journey Beyond

During this transformative exploration, I must express my profound gratitude for Eric Edmeades‘s remarkable Quest, “The Stage Effect” inside the Mindvalley Community. Having had the privilege of beta testing this incredible journey, I can attest to the incredible experience it offers. Armed with invaluable and super simple lessons, especially the #Hindsightwindow, I confidently delivered a talk to a group of business leaders.

Hindsight Window Speech Map Template

The entire process wasn’t just enjoyable; it was truly empowering. The feedback received was nothing short of A-freaking Amazing, and to this day, a sense of pride fills me. One response, in particular, touched me deeply: “Thank you so much, Sofia! I felt like you were speaking to all of us and yet, all of us individually. That is such a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing your story.”

If you’re curious about my journey with “The Stage Effect,” check out my story here.

You can also watch my talk here.

Instant access to the supporting workbook for this talk: Ditch Your Brules and Step Into Your Power 

On a personal note, I’m manifesting more opportunities to speak in diverse communities. Here’s to making it happen!

Connecting the Dots: Past, Present, and Future

As we navigate the interconnected web of our past, present, and future, it becomes clear that our history shapes our current reality, which, in turn, influences our forthcoming experiences. Adopting these transformative mindset shifts—viewing the past as a story, embracing the present moment, and manifesting dreams—propels us towards self-discovery, personal growth, and enriched life. It encourages us to release the unnecessary baggage at the metaphorical airport of life, paving the way for a future brimming with limitless possibilities.


In conclusion, this exploration into transformative mindset shifts invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and fulfilment. The blog post has unpacked the metaphorical luggage of the past, encouraging readers to view it as a story that propels growth rather than a burden to carry. Embracing the present moment through meditation and introspection has been unveiled as a powerful tool for attaining clarity and wisdom. Finally, the narrative has delved into the extraordinary potential of manifesting-dreams, urging readers to believe in the authenticity of their desires.

By adopting these mindset shifts, individuals can not only navigate the complex tapestry of their lives but also actively shape a future aligned with their deepest aspirations. So, let us collectively leave behind the unnecessary baggage, step through the gateway of transformation, and stride confidently into a future where the possibilities are as boundless as our imaginations.

Ready to shed your past baggage and step into your power? Share your story with me, and let’s schedule a conversation where I can guide you through your transformative journey. Book a call now!


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Written by Sofia Pacifico Reis

At 28 years old, she packed her bag and flew to the UK, leaving behind family and friends and everything she knew. Adjusting to a new culture, she’s made her way up the corporate ladder where she navigated through unknown situations never losing faith and track of her dreams and desires. Always dreaming about having her own business ever since she was a teenager…but when at corporate the comfortable “safety net” prevailed and her passionate dream got forgotten. Something was always missing…Sofia hated the way corporate treated people – like numbers… The more she saw these things the more she knew she wanted to experience more control over her destiny and her desire to own her own business grew year on year… Until the day she couldn’t take it anymore and she fired her boss! – penned her resignation letter and walked out. Through troubled waters, she remained strong, learning how to unleash her unique POWER and now she mentors and coaches other Entrepreneurs on how to implement a system that helps leverage your time, build your signature membership site programs in line with their highest vision! They become visible online with confidence, they love achieving their desired income without all the tech frustrations because her team do it all for them! She works with aspiring coaching entrepreneurs who feel ready to become their own boss fearlessly.

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