5 Daily Habits to Boost Your Creative Power

Posted On February 24, 2023

Do you find yourself running out of ideas? Feeling insecure about what to create?

Or even have you ever told yourself “I’m not creative at all!”.

I truly believe that we are all Creators in a body and therefore what you might perceive as being creative, might not be serving you anymore. Are you possibly taking it for granted and disregarding this ability? Are you not seeing the greater picture?

Become aware that your creativity will allow you to think, feel and be a Creative Goddess.

Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than to be able to express ourselves openly and without judgment.

The thing is that at the moment you believe that you are NOT creative! Maybe, others around you have told you that you’re not and so you have been accepting this as the truth and living your life as others want you to.

In a stressful moment and in times when we have too much in our head, there isn’t flow. Therefore and amongst other things creativity doesn’t flow and it’s not present. We retreat into our little cocoon and hold on to our safety net!

So, in order to have a continuous flow, we must consistently create an unfamiliar daily habit so that with time it turns into a “familiar” habit which we are confident with having in our lives. In order to create a habit, however, we need to make a commitment to ourselves and make a promise to stay consistent doing it on a regular basis. It won’t happen overnight and it will take persistence and focus so that you’re able to shift your energy vibration.

So, what can you do to boost your creative power?

These are some techniques that I’ve used over time that has worked for me. Feel free to adopt or adapt some of them to suit your needs.

5 Daily Habits to Boost Your Creative Power

Unplug from distractions

The online world can be very noisy and therefore we must find ways of switching off from our devices and recharge. I remember a time that I was glued to my mobile like an addict. I needed to be on it 24/7 as if I was going to miss out on something. Others were asking me: “Sofia, do you ever sleep?”.

It was exhausting so I ought to do something about it to restore my sanity. It all started when I went on a road trip with my family that I truly unplugged and allowed my assistant to take charge of my activities. I stopped controlling everything and I loved it. I started to enjoy other meaningful things around me.

Find your happy space

Do you have a place that you retreat to and you feel so good that when you come back from it, you feel energized and super happy? Mine is the beach and the sea. I love escaping to the beach and reflecting. Maybe it is the sea breeze or just the sensations of feeling the sand tickling my feet. All I know is that when I return home I’m a different person. Do you have a happy place? The mountains? Is it a forest? Or just your back garden?

Meditate to Alleviate

Since I started doing regular meditations, my life and myself have completely changed. Coming from a buzzing and demanding corporate life, it took me years to focus on my own business. And so, when I discovered the power of guided meditations, I started to see and feel a shift within myself. Have you tried it? What has been your experience with it?

I know that meditation doesn’t have to be hardcore and I also know that you will find the right practice for you.

As a certified 6 Phase Meditation Trainer with Evercoach by Mindvalley, I’m inviting you to listen to this guided meditation first thing in the morning. Repeat it daily as many times as you can.

Get Active

Exercise, movement, and activity are proven to expand creative thinking, brain processing, and memory. So true though… even just going for a walk for 30 minutes sends the right signals to your brain and keeps you in the right state of mind for the rest of the day. What I normally do is dance weirdly to some uplifting music to get my creative juices flowing! Ahhhh so good. Funny enough, it is keeping you fit too. Whenever I find that I’m stuck in what I want to create, build or do… I dance and sing along. Let me know if you tried this to boost your creative power?

Take a step back

Now, this is crucial… take a step back away from the problem that you are currently experiencing. Do you find yourself going around and around in circles without finding the solution to whatever challenge you are facing? Let me reassure you that you are not alone! I’m often in this situation. Therefore I have to step away from my computer, social media and oftentimes step away from people so that I can focus on certain ideas for some projects that I’m doing. Don’t take me wrong I love people and I can’t imagine myself without people around me. However, I need to retreat to boost my creative thinking so that I can better perform. 

It’s a Wrap

I hope that some of these practices will help you to boost your creative power. Most importantly is to start today with creating a consistent daily habit that you feel comfortable with. It doesn’t need to be all of these that I mention above. Start small and build it up as you go along your journey of discovery of your creative powers. Remember that once you were a child and there was nothing stopping you from imagining and just creating your sandcastles without the pressure of all being perfect.

Let me know in the comments what are you going to put in place?


  1. Jackie Nepola

    Such a great informative and valued packed post. I can’t wait to do the mediation.

    • Sofia Pacifico Reis

      I hope you enjoy it Jackie and got to let me know any insights you’ve had after doing it. Sofia


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Written by Sofia Pacifico Reis

At 28 years old, she packed her bag and flew to the UK, leaving behind family and friends and everything she knew. Adjusting to a new culture, she’s made her way up the corporate ladder where she navigated through unknown situations never losing faith and track of her dreams and desires. Always dreaming about having her own business ever since she was a teenager…but when at corporate the comfortable “safety net” prevailed and her passionate dream got forgotten. Something was always missing…Sofia hated the way corporate treated people – like numbers… The more she saw these things the more she knew she wanted to experience more control over her destiny and her desire to own her own business grew year on year… Until the day she couldn’t take it anymore and she fired her boss! – penned her resignation letter and walked out. Through troubled waters, she remained strong, learning how to unleash her unique POWER and now she mentors and coaches other Entrepreneurs on how to implement a system that helps leverage your time, build your signature membership site programs in line with their highest vision! They become visible online with confidence, they love achieving their desired income without all the tech frustrations because her team do it all for them! She works with aspiring coaching entrepreneurs who feel ready to become their own boss fearlessly.

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