How to Make Online Conversations Meaningful

Posted On April 17, 2020

Who doesn’t like to have some meaningful online conversations nowadays? I know I do so when Beata Seweryn-Reid from Beata Life Coaching invited me for a chat, I immediately said Yes!

There is a lot of talking going around in the online world, but is it meaningful? When I first started my business online, I had to learn how to communicate with others differently. I suppose my message had to mean something to my audience. I know that talking online is not the same as in-person networking. I have started my business by going to local networking groups and just listen and learn about starting a business. All seemed ALIEN to me. You see, I have tried before to start my business without success so when I decided to do it once again, I vowed that it would be different. I started to study the way people talked and communicated with each other.

Let me talk about Beata’s Meaningful Conversations…

Beata has been interviewing Experts and other coaching Entrepreneurs for a while now and let me tell you that I think this is the ultimate co-creation collaboration strategy of the century.  So many of us are running our businesses and doing what we are passionate about so, why not collaborate with other like-minded experts to expand our reach and increase the visibility of what we do?

I truly believe that there is enough business for everybody and there is no need to compete but instead co-create! ~ Sofia Reis

Nothing better than having an informal and a cosy chat with our colleagues and clients to communicate our message to our ideal audience who needs accurate information and inspiring words.

Now, I invite you to watch this meaningful conversation chat with Beata.

Topic: “Unleash Your Inner Creative”

  1. Find out “Why” you do what you do first. In most cases when we start our businesses, we concentrate so much in the “how” we should perform our business that we forget about our passionate WHY.
  2. Your online “Journey” needs to reflect your personality, your unique message and your creativity.
  3. In the wise words of Steven Redhead – “We are all Artists painting our desires on the canvas of life and time.” I truly believe that we are all creators of our reality and it is within our reach to unleash our desires and creative flow.
  4. The ability to be creative was born with all of us. As children, we do what we do without thinking however as we grow in adulthood we start doubting our ability to express ourselves creatively.
  5. Creativity doesn’t need to be just about Art. It means different things to everybody. It’s abstract and has different meanings.
  6. When is it the right time to unleash your creativity? This can be different for everybody and there isn’t a right or wrong time honestly. Time is relative.

We are all creators of our own reality. ~ Sofia Reis

We are all artists painting our desires on the canvas of life and time-Steven Redhead


The biggest obstacle in unleashing your inner creative is within yourself. We stop ourselves from doing all the uncomfortable things we want to do for fear of failure. Therefore, we remain in our safe zone and don’t leap beyond the “uncertain”.

To overcome these obstacles, it is required to do your inner work. Become aware of your obstacles and quite your internal chatter. In my experience doing some meditation, exercises have greatly helped to ground myself. Another exercise that has helped is to express my words freely in my journal. Just write from your heart without judgement and perfection. We Live in our heads, it is up to you to stop your inner talk. We all have a choice of what we do in life.

Let me know in the comments what is your WHY, your reason to get up in the morning?



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Written by Sofia Pacifico Reis

At 28 years old, she packed her bag and flew to the UK, leaving behind family and friends and everything she knew. Adjusting to a new culture, she’s made her way up the corporate ladder where she navigated through unknown situations never losing faith and track of her dreams and desires. Always dreaming about having her own business ever since she was a teenager…but when at corporate the comfortable “safety net” prevailed and her passionate dream got forgotten. Something was always missing…Sofia hated the way corporate treated people – like numbers… The more she saw these things the more she knew she wanted to experience more control over her destiny and her desire to own her own business grew year on year… Until the day she couldn’t take it anymore and she fired her boss! – penned her resignation letter and walked out. Through troubled waters, she remained strong, learning how to unleash her unique POWER and now she mentors and coaches other Entrepreneurs on how to implement a system that helps leverage your time, build your signature membership site programs in line with their highest vision! They become visible online with confidence, they love achieving their desired income without all the tech frustrations because her team do it all for them! She works with aspiring coaching entrepreneurs who feel ready to become their own boss fearlessly.

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