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Beata Life Coaching

Beata helps You Change Your Story So That You Can Change Your Life with her Life Coaching business!

She does this through the power of Journaling.

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Meet Beata’s Story!

After the sudden breakup with her long-time partner, Beata’s was battling between pain and numbness for six long years. She was always on the lookout for someone to come and save her instead of making a change on my own terms.

She quickly learned that “wherever I go, there I am, with all of my thoughts, my feelings, my beliefs, my stories, my experiences and perspectives from my entire life”.

Her road to transformation was very bumpy but she made it and you can too!

Today she supports highly driven women like you on their own journey to self-discovery and helps them to embrace change. She helps women face life’s challenges and answer the questions that, if answered with honesty, can transform their lives. Who am I after all? What do I really want? What changes do I have to make in order to get there?

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Meet Beata Seweryn-Reid

a Transformation Life Coach, who was feeling invisible and missing opportunities. From NO online presence to now having an amazing hub with a very specific message.

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