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Meet Vibha’s Story!

Originally from India, the land of spirituality and wisdom, Vibha was raised in a family where she was exposed to the spiritual side of life from a very early age.

She’s an avid reader of self-help and spiritual books, and it has undoubtedly shaped who she is. She has always intrigued by the idea of our spiritual connection, origin and enlightenment in this lifetime. She’s always been fascinated with the metaphysics, the practice of mind expansion and meditation and law of attraction.

Years of extensive study of eastern and western philosophy helped her understand different perspectives of life to guide others seeking help. She connects with people on a deeper level and can relate with her clients from all walks of life irrespective of their beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and goals. Her practice and teachings are based on universal spirituality; they don’t belong to a certain belief system and resonate with the followers of different spiritual systems.

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Vibha Sharma

Meet Vibha Sharma

a Holistic Spiritual Life Coach who has visualised and manifested clarity and alignment for her online presence. She helps others to Go Within and start their inner journey!

I want to express my gratitude for Sofia Pacifico for creating an amazing website for me. Sofia is an ultimate website wizard. I knew Sofia for last couple of years and knew she is the best. I was surprised by her planning, style and organization of the entire project.
She is not only an awesome website designer, she is a great social media strategic coach. She coached me about focusing on my ideal clients needs and message.
I had complete trust on her right from the beginning and I let her take the lead and control of the whole project. I gave my suggestions and she immediately implemented some of them but for some she will come back to me to tell me what would be better.
If you decide to work with her she’ll deliver better than you expect.
Not only I got a beautiful website I found a great friend who supports you all the way. Who wants you to succeed and who celebrates your success!
Thank you so much Sofia!

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