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Sanae’s course catalog is a great example of how to build a course for your audience with ease!

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Sanae’s new course will help you free yourself from the emotional burden of debt is one of the most liberating gifts you can give yourself, and it all starts in the mind!

We load debt with destructive emotions such as shame, guilt, and fear without realizing that these emotions are what is keeping us trapped in a cycle that perpetuates more.  

This Introductory program is a must if you’re sick and tired of constantly being in “bad” debt and feeling unable to fully enjoy life as a result.

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Meet Sanae Floyd

a Sales Coach that was struggling with seeing the whole picture for launching her 1st group coaching program.

“Thanks to Sofia, I had a seamless process for promoting my webinar, growing my list and filling my group programme! Everything was automated and so I could stay in my lane and not lose hours getting lost in scary tech! I’ll always be grateful to Sofia!”

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