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Growing Through Changes

Janet’s leadership coaching will help you create the life of your dreams, work more effectively with passion, productivity, and joy!

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Meet Janet’s Story!

From a young age, Janet knew she had a special mission. She has always had a passion for learning and teaching, yet in a very hands-on sort of way.

Coming from a family grounded in rich Hungarian tradition. Her ancestors journeyed across the Atlantic at young ages, leaving their familiar lives in search of something new. They were farmers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists. They grew beyond limiting beliefs and made tremendous growth through all of their life challenges. They modelled for me a hard-working standard with relentless perseverance to create the life of my dreams.

Her whole life purpose became clear supporting leaders and helping them create the life of their dreams, work more effectively with passion, productivity and joy!

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Meet Janet M Ver Fine PhD

a Life Coach, Speaker & Author.

Sofia, what can I say? She is always there for you! She is patient and tolerant of learning curve differences. She has never made me feel as old as I am nor’ out of it” for catching on more slowly. Just the opposite. Sofia has instilled confidence and courage for me to continue my development in new technical areas.
She has focused and highlighted the best in me and encourage me to believe it more deeply in myself. Sofia goes above and beyond. She is fair in her pricing. Never nickels and dimes you or squeezes out the last drop for her own personal gain.
Far beyond the close of the program, she is by my side taking me step by step to the next level. She highlights my uniqueness and creatively expresses that in her designs. She really ‘got’ me.
Sofia is proficient in her skill level. She provides a thorough context of materials with a simplified process of going through each lesson. She provides a wealth of information and expertise.
Sofia is warm and congenial and never judgmental or placing herself above you.
Sofia is the best!

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