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Meera Remani Vision 2020


Ready for a Life-changing, soul-searching, dreams-coming-true experience?

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Helping you Create a Vision for your year!

Meera wants to help ambitious, professional women who want to enjoy a beautiful life full of love, calm and success. This landing page is for those who this to be the year and the decade where their dreams came true!

What Meera had to say about our work together:

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Meet Meera Remani

a Life Coach, came to me because she wanted to have a more consistent presence online to finally escape her 9 to 5.

? If you’re looking for someone who’s intelligent, knows exactly what to do (high expertise), is committed, is fun to work with, is organized and gets the work done in a fraction of the time you expect and with superb quality – Sofia is the person to go to. Come on – isn’t that an unbelievable combination?! She is incredibly talented and I’m so happy I got my website done by her. Before her, I had some very bad experiences and I had given up on getting my website done, but she quickly won my trust so much so that I still cannot believe she is for real, LOL! A weight was lifted off my back when she entered my life and I can’t thank her enough.

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