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Melinda J. Kelly

Melinda is an Author, Speaker and Coach

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Meet Melinda’s Story!

Melinda Kelly, a Los Angeles native, has been a lifelong lover of words. Introduced to leadership volunteering at age twelve, she found the interplay of hopes, personalities, and outcomes to be a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

She often found the questions more interesting than the answers, leading her to a variety of thoughts. Finding Your Coach: Diving Deep Within is her first collection of those meditations. She is available for seminars, retreats and speaking engagements based upon her work.

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Vibha Sharma

Meet Hokuma Karimova

a Success Coach and Dancer.

Radical Launch System was a life-changing experience. Sofia is a tech wizard, who can take your intagible ideas and turn them into beautiful offerings.

This is what she did with my EMPOWER coaching program. A few months ago this offering was just a vision, today it is a reality that I’m living.

She gives you the roadmap and has a very effective system, so all you need to do is be energized about your vision, fill in the content and the rest is done for you!

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