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Sanae’s mission is to help people experience the peace and prosperity that comes from true alignment.

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Meet Sanae Floyd’s Online Journey!

It all started back in 2016, Sanae Floyd was doing well with her one on one services and she had just finished an online programme which taught her how to put everything into a group coaching program. Sanae became aware of the need to leverage her time. She had the steps laid out however what she wanted was reaching more people…”I needed to know how to reach more people”. She crafted her webinar, her program content outline but she didn’t know how to she was going to get in front of more people.

She had no idea how she was going to get the webinar in front of lots of new coaches and how to systemize it.

After a few attempts into looking into different webinar tools, she felt so overwhelmed that she knew that she couldn’t do it, how to set it all up, how to linking it all together and utilise her email provider. She says…”The tech side of things, I was just clueless, didn’t know what the process was and how to link it all together”.

Sanae felt like she was doing everything on her own and not having someone that she could “jam it up with” and reassure her that she was on track. She felt like she needed to be told step by step on how to put her creative ideas into place. For some of us creators, this is something that can keep us stuck and blocking us from moving forward.

Time wasted putting it all together

Money Invested

Days Doing it Alone

Here’s what Sanae had…

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Here’s what was offered first!

1 – We’ve assessed all the existent resources and reduced the amount and investment used to thousands of £’s.

2 – The Webinar presentation “5 Shifts To A Meteoric Mindset!” required an appealing hook and it had to be added to the sales launch funnel.

3 – The Last objective of this project was to implement marketing activities and strategies to drive her audience to the Webinar, nurture their email subscribers and sell Sanae’s 12 weeks Signature group programme “Build Like a Boss Academy”.

The step by step began…

We had a strategy meeting to understand and collect all the resources that Sanae already had and then the journey to “link it all together” started…

“You turned something quite clunky and amateurish into something incredibly beautiful and functional which blew me away”
Sanae Floyd

  • Her incredible well-written webinar script had a visual revamp and an appealing slide presentation was done ready for the recording of her webinar. I knew we had to make it visually attractive so that we could keep viewers hooked to find out more.
  • The goal was to drive as much traffic as we could into the webinar landing page and build her email list with her micro audience. A list filled with her ideal client who were being nurtured through the email sequence created.
  • A complete lead generator sales launch funnel was put in place from raising awareness of the automated webinar through organic and paid Facebook advertising into the consideration stage where more value content was given to her audience on her email sequence and finally qualifying those interested into a call with Sanae which she converts into a sale of her 12 weeks group coaching program “Build Like a Boss Academy.
  • From all the activities implemented we achieved a conversion rate of 80% new buyers to fill her newly created 12-week group coaching program which has been launched repeatedly year on year.
  • The media platforms used for this launch were mainly her website and Facebook. This group membership was hosted at the time simply inside of a Facebook group where members accessed all the videos and content worksheets.

Here’s what Sanae said…

“She has increased the engagement on my business page by 73.7% since we started working together and my list has grown exponentially as she has helped me promote my opt-ins. Sofia tracks and analyses data and responds with speed when she sees what is working and what isn’t. As a result, I had the confidence to launch my second group program whilst the first one was still running and a 3rd is launching in less than 8 weeks time. I never imagined things could move and grow so fast in my business!

If I was to sum up working with Sofia, I would say that she does her work from a place of such passion, operating from her zone of genius which frees me up to operate in mine”

Our Holistic Approach

In the Summer of 2017, Sanae got very ill because she hired somebody who was a mistake. This person was cheap and she made her feel totally disempowered and insecure. She made the crucial mistake of not communicating what was required which left Sanae wondering if the work was going to be done.

As a web developer and project manager, our clients need to feel a sense of trust when they hand over their online “home” and not the constant dread that they are going to be burgled.

“It’s a position of trust that we give to these website developers and it’s our own baby in their hands”
Sanae Floyd

Ultimately this situation had devastated Sanae and left her in the worst position mentally aggravated by the loss of months of work. In an attempt to salvage lost time, Sanae launched her membership site but unfortunately, her members’ site was not working… in her own words: It was “broken”. Her program was filled with members but she had to email each of member manually and unfortunately, she had no membership site to harbour her group coaching program content.

As a consequence of this experience Sanae had lost total confidence, she was charging 10X LESS than she would normally charge her group clients. This had a huge effect on her mindset and then as she started to get back on track, I and Sanae connected again.

I remember asking her: “FFS why didn’t you ask me?” and her sweet reply was: “Because I didn’t want to bother you”.

Finally, Sanae Got the Results!

Building a membership site is a big investment for your business but it’s a necessary one when you want to leverage your time and impact more people at once.

After being through this horrible ordeal Sanae hired our services for this project and trusted me to give her the peace of mind that she was looking for.

After the planned consideration and analysis of what had been done, I made the decision to start from Zero. There are times that it’s better to start building with a clean slate and create solid foundations.

So the building started…Built the framework of her group program vision, uploaded the group coaching content in a way that makes sense to her current members and implemented a radical re-launch. Total relief comes about when Sanae finally saw her group coaching content, videos and worksheets inside the Academy. Hours of content creation and crafting a program that is exactly what her ideal clients want.

Hours of Content Creation

Hours of Video Creation

Years of Sales Mastery

Here’s what Sanae said…

“Sofia really gets to know you, your style, what you like and doesn’t overload me with details…I just know that you’re doing what is needed”

“Sofia, I trust you implicitly, you don’t need to explain to me what you’re doing because I just know that you can do it.”

Endless Possibilities… “Seeing the Transformation”


  • Sanae has somebody who she trusts with the tech and she will never look elsewhere.
  • Having the Build Like a Boss Academy membership means that she is leveraging her time doing what she loves the most aka Coaching.
  • Sanae had time to write her 1st best seller book “Paid in Full”.
  • She has the passive income possibility that she always dreamt about.
  • She now has courses and products that can be sold without her. She loves creating income streams to support her clients.
  • Sanae has a HUB where her clients have continued access to a
  • A members-only platform that can be launched as many times as needed to serve her ideal clients.

Everything has fallen into place, it makes sense and it’s streamlined. She feels proud that she has a solid business asset, it feels real and a legacy that embodies her passion and purposeful work. She’s has BECOME HER OWN BOSS fearlessly.

Since launching her Build Like a Boss Academy, Sanae went on to have her best year ever reaching the 6 figure threshold and still have time to write her #1 best seller book.

What Sanae had to say about our work together:

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Meet Sanae Floyd

a Sales Coach that was struggling with seeing the whole picture for launching her 1st group coaching program.

“Thanks to Sofia, I had a seamless process for promoting my webinar, growing my list and filling my group programme! Everything was automated and so I could stay in my lane and not lose hours getting lost in scary tech! I’ll always be grateful to Sofia!”

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