Content Strategy

Discover 5 Ways to Optimize Blogging for Maximum impact

Stop creating content on borrowed land and instead have a purposeful plan for all your blog articles. Blogging can position you as the credible Expert that you are but there is a system involved that I want to share with you in this workshop. The secret key 🔑to...

How To Create A Content Strategy Based On Storytelling

Stories sell [full stop] and your content strategy must have them... Now more than ever. Storytelling is the ultimate hack for your content marketing strategy. Own it and you won't need to sell to anyone ever again. ~Sofia Reis Using your journey's story as pieces of...

Are you attracting or repelling your members with your content?

When you are building your program content... Remember that is not about your why that you need to have clarity on. You need to tune in to your customer's reasons why they want to join your program. Always focus on your community's ultimate end results. The first...

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